Woman has blisters on private parts after hair removal sessions

KUALA LUMPUR - The 39-year-old ended up having blisters, redness and swelling on her private parts and now has difficulty walking, sleeping and urinating.

"The centre told me they had carried out the treatment many times, including on models," said the woman, who only wanted to be known as Miss Lee, at a press conference here yesterday.

"I don't know how it went wrong. They have to be responsible for what they have done."

Lee, 39, said she paid RM3,500 (S$1,400) for two years of Nano Light Hair Removal treatment on her private parts at a beauty centre here in January.

The initial sessions went well, Lee said, but on July 22, after about five to six sessions, a new therapist took over and told her the previous sessions had been done incorrectly. She then increased the intensity of the treatment.

"I felt sharp pain during the treatment. When I complained, the therapist told me it could be cured by applying ice cubes," Lee said, adding that that made it worse.

She said an examination by a skin specialist showed she had suffered second degree burns on her private parts and treatment would cost around RM35,000 to RM55,000, with no guaranteed chance of recovery.

Lee said the therapist had later apologised and the centre offered her compensation of the sum she paid, although she had not accepted it, preferring instead to bring her case to light.

Lee later lodged a complaint with the MCA Public Services and Complaints Department.

Department head Datuk Seri Michael Chong said they would be consulting lawyers on the matter.

He also said he would take the case up to the Health Ministry, which he hoped would issue strict guidelines for cosmetic centres.