Woman left disfigured when botched breasts 'explode' and nipple falls off

PHOTO: Woman left disfigured when botched breasts 'explode' and nipple falls off

UNITED KINGDOM - Mother of three Claire Rigley from Nottinghamshire, England wanted to regain her confidence after a successful weight loss transformation left her breasts long and saggy.

However, after having spent thousands of dollars on breast implants, her joy turned into a nightmare when two days later her boobs started seeping and she lost a nipple.

The Daily Mail UK reported that Rigley had fought to lose 28kg and regain her figure before childbirth.

"I'd lost four and a half stone. My breasts were already long and saggy and with the weight loss they got worse," Rigley told reporters.

She went to look for a British surgeon to do surgery on her breasts to make them fuller and perkier, but was told that she would have to place her name on a long waiting list.

Impatient, Rigley instead chose to go to a doctor in Prague, Czech Republic instead.

According to the Nottingham Post, she spent £3,295 (S$6,279) on the operation and a further £1,400 on flights, accommodation and expenses.

The operation took her from a 40FF to a 38DD and she flew home a satisfied woman. However, two days later she started noticing that her breasts were leaking liquid from holes around her nipple.

She called the plastic surgery clinic and was told that the drains were not taking out all the fluid and that she should not worry.

"But then two or three days later holes started appearing around my nipple. Then my mum walked in on me in the shower and said 'Oh my God, your implant is exploding. You need to get to the hospital,'" she recounted to the Daily Mail.

By then, her breasts had turned black and pink from an infection that made holes in her boobs and stretched her skin. According to Rigley, because the clinic had made her breasts so much smaller, it had resulted in necrosis, where the blood supply was cut off.

She underwent emergency treatment to remove her infected implants, but by then the damage was done. She lost a nipple and was left with holes in her breasts which her husband, Robert, 35, had to plug with a substance made of seaweed and gold.

She described the shape of her breasts after the terrifying ordeal as "no volume", with one breast having "a lump at the bottom with a point".

She was so ashamed of her misshapen breasts that she hid in her house and wore two bras to hide her deformity.

After living like this for four years, she was finally given respite when she was picked by the television show Last Chance Salon for re-constructive surgery.

Her surgeon, Mr Vik Vijh at Hereford Nuffield Hospital, gave her two new implants and tattooed on a nipple.

"I never wanted to go back under the knife but I knew things couldn't get worse. It was instant relief when I woke up and I was so pleased with the a drastic change - they're the boobs I always wanted," she said.

She is now an advocate for people to think twice before heading abroad for plastic surgery.