Woman so fat she sets building on fire during cremation

PHOTO: Woman so fat she sets building on fire during cremation

An Austrian crematorium is blaming blaze on a deceased woman with allegedly so much body fat that she set the building on fire during her cremation.

The fire was so huge, it had to be put out by firefighters, who fought to prevent the fire from consuming the whole building.

According to ORF, the dominant player in the Austrian broadcast media, the woman weighed more than 200kg, and her huge mass caused the oven in which she was in to overheat.

Her large amounts of fat burning is believed to have blocked the air filter.

ORF reported that the filter temperature reached 300 degree Celsius and the crematorium staff soon noticed something was wrong when thick black smoke began billowing out into the building.

The oven was quickly switched off, but by then a fire had ignited inside it.

Firefighters were called in and they eventually were able to control the blaze by blasting water through crematorium vents - but not before it caused enough damage to force the crematorium to shut for several days for repair.

The incident has ignited calls for a weight limit on bodies to protect against future fires, or for there to be special facilities which cater to the extra large.

According to The Daily Mail UK, countries such as Switzerland and the UK have already begun to adopt such extra large facilities made in line with the growing trend of ever expanding waistlines.

The City of London crematorium for example, has facilities made for larger 50 to 55 inches coffin circumferences. The standard circumference is about 36 inches.