Woman spends $16k on botched double eyelid surgery

SINGAPORE - A Singaporean permanent resident is demanding that her double eyelid surgeon refund her the $16,000 she spent on double eyelid surgery that she claims resulted in uneven eyelids.

According to Shin Min Daily, Miss Sun, 37, who is originally from China, said that because her natural eyelids are not beautiful, she went for four double eyelid surgeries from 1992 to 2010.

After having been operated on, she felt that there was an improvement, but still believed there were certain flaws that she was dissatisfied with.

Hence, on April last year, she forked out $16,000 for a prominent plastic surgeon here to do her fifth surgery.

However, before the doctor removed the stitches, she discovered that the surgery appeared to have gone wrong. Her eyes looked uneven and the widths of the double eyelids were different.

The doctor then assured her that it takes time for the wound to recover, and told her to do physical therapy. In the end, the surgery still ended up a failure, she lamented.

Miss Sun is now demanding a full refund, but the doctor is only willing to return $6,400 to her.

"I am not satisfied. I had an appointment with the doctor to meet at 8am to discuss the situation. I arrived 10 minutes late, and the doctor's assistant said the doctor is at a surgery and has no time to see me. This is not sincerity," she told Wanbao.

Miss Sun said she then opted to wait at the clinic, but was driven away by security called in by the clinic.

After explaining to the security officers the reason why she was waiting at the clinic, she said they eventually allowed her to stay.

However, the clinic resorted to calling the police instead, she claimed.

The police have confirmed that they have received complaints regarding this dispute, and have explained to the relevant parties on what legal action is available to them.

Assured 95% certainty of success

'95 per cent certainty of success'

Miss Sun said that the failure comes despite the doctor's initial assurance of "95 per cent certainty of success".

She said her decision to engage a local doctor to repair her eye folds came after much deliberation leading her to believe that the medical facilities here are better, and the doctors more professional.

"I've had meetings with many plastic surgeons, but only this one told me that there is a 95 per cent certainty of him meeting my requirements," she said.

"I declared in advance, if it is not possible, there's no pressure to do the surgery," she added.

However, upon the doctor's assurance and in consideration of his prominence, she agreed to go through with the surgery, not knowing that her eyes would turn out one big and one small.

The clinic has responded to the allegations saying that patient information is confidential and that they cannot disclose information on who their patients are.

Called 'goggle eyes'

Miss Sun said she now has to suffer the humiliation of being called "goggle eyes" by people who catch sight of her failed operation.

In addition to her eyes being uneven in size, she sometimes encounters episodes where her eyes will protrude out unnaturally, giving her a "goldfish" look and frightening others.

"My friends poke fun at me for my prominent eyes, but it makes me deeply troubled," she said.

She said she feels the need to wear sunglasses whenever she leaves the house now, and said she has suffered a great psychological blow.