Woman visits dentist, ends up swallowing 3cm long needle

PHOTO: Woman visits dentist, ends up swallowing 3cm long needle

Suffering from a toothache, a 23-year-old hotel employee went to a dentist, only to narrowly escape death from accidentally swallowing a 3cm long needle which almost punctured her small intestine.

Ms Yang told Chinese daily Wanbao that she visited a dentist for a toothache in her left jaw. As the dentist said the decayed tooth could not be extracted immediately, the dentist used a 3cm long needle to clean the roots of her teeth.

According to her, the dentist, who was not named, kept spraying medicated water into her mouth, which caused her to choke.

She then sat up coughing, not realising the needle was still in her mouth. As a result, she swallowed the needle.

Ms Yang said she strangely did not feel any pain at that time or any sensation of the needle stabbing her throat.

She claims that the dentist did not take action to remedy the situation immediately, and only told her what had happened after a five minute discussion with his assistant.

Shocked, she questioned whether there would be any danger to her life.

The dentist then assured her that if the needle is naturally excreted, there would be no problem. However, he later advised her to get an X-ray.

That night, she said she started to experience a sharp pain in her abdomen. Feeling uneasy, she went to the clinic the next day to complain.

Accompanied by the clinic assistants, she went to a hospital for an X-ray, where they confirmed the presence of the needle in her small intestine.

The hospital staff added that if the needle were to be allowed to be naturally excreted, it would pose the danger of puncturing the small intestine.

Forever traumatised

She was immediately sent for an emergency operation.

She was hospitalised for three days and later took two weeks of medical leave. She spent a total of $4,000 in medical bills, borne by the clinic.

Ms Yang from China claims the events left her traumatised and suffering from depression.

"I only dared to tell my parents what had happened after the operation. Every time I think that I am still young, and uncertain whether there will be future side effects, my emotions will become unstable and I will become depressed," she said.

She said she has been dealt such a blow that she keeps crying. Having loss her appetite, she also has lost 4kg and now only weighs 44kg.

The surgery has also left her with three scars, with the largest being 7cm long.

She has asked for $10,000 in compensation from the clinic. However, as the clinic is only willing to pay $8,000, the two sides are still negotiating.

Ms Yang said she earns a basic salary of $600, and has to work overtime to hit a thousand dollars, the majority of which she sends home.

Although she did not have to pay for her medical expenses, she wants compensation for the time taken for her recovery, as she could not earn overtime pay.

She said she has asked for $10,000 as compensation for both her economic loss and mental trauma.

The clinic at first offered to compensate $5,000, but later upped the amount to $8,000.