Wong Li-lin, 41, on the importance of running in her fitness routine

SINGAPORE - Wong Li-Lin's fitness isn't a surprise. She picked up dancing at a very young age, pursued ballet in London at 16, and has promoted health and wellness throughout her life.

You may remember her as the Singapore celebrity who has stayed in remarkable shape through the years, even after the birth of her two children, daughter Sage and son Jonas.

More recently, she has been the driving force behind Loopz fitness bands (www.loopzfitness.com) and its instructional videos (www.youtube.com/user/LoopzFitness), which demonstrate how to use the patented resistance straps effectively.

Life as a single mother hasn't been easy, after she ended nine years of marriage with actor-host Allan Wu last year. But the Fly Entertainment artiste, now 41, is one tough cookie - boasting a feature in Under Armour's latest campaign videos alongside national rower and gold medallist Saiyidah Aisyah, UFC fighter Royston Wee and the Singapore rugby sevens team.

It's a vote of confidence from one of the coolest brands in sports.

Running, as it turns out, is a key component to sustaining Li-Lin's hectic schedule. Without it, she'd be worse off.

Going solo

"I'm committed to running two to three times a week, around 6km each time. I usually run at 6.30am before sending my children off to school. If I don't get a chance to do so in the morning, I'd do it in the evening.

"Afternoons are so hot - it makes me sluggish. Running is the cardio component to what I do. More importantly, it's also my downtime, my alone time, when I can breathe and just listen to my footsteps.

"I like to run alone, without music, because the rest of the day is always spent with people."

All about perspiration

"I like to sweat. Yes, you'll get a lot of it in Singapore, but it's different when it's induced by exercise - because it's good for your skin and cardiovascular system.

"When I train people or give health talks, I always stress the three components of fitness: strength, stretch and stamina. Running (or cycling) is for the latter."

One with nature

"I like to run by the coast or through the park, near trees and water. In fact, I always try to live near trees or water, or both."

Keep moving

"I used to run daily, long distances between 8km and 10km, but I don't have much time for that now. Nonetheless, I continue running so that I can remain mobile."

All-round approach: Wong Li-Lin's key components of fitness for balanced training.

Start with resistance training for strength.

"Some people use weights," says Li-Lin. "I like Loopz Fitness. You can also work against your own body weight with exercises like push-ups and squats."

Then don't forget to stretch. "It provides mobility and increases your range of motion," she explains. "Finally, you need cardiovascular exercise to strengthen the heart."


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