Wounded navy serviceman Jason Chee back on his feet

SINGAPORE - Following a horrific accident last December that resulted in the loss of both legs, his left arm and three fingers on his right hand, navy serviceman Jason Chee embarked on a remarkable journey towards recovery.

On Wednesday, Mr Chee, 30, posted a video on Facebook of himself walking with prosthetic legs, aided by medical staff.

An elated Mr Chee said in the post that he could finally walk and that he had achieved "a great milestone".

The video garnered over 1,700 likes as of 8pm yesterday.

In another video - with over 2,200 likes by 8pm - he is seen saluting with his prosthetics. "Salute to the nation!!!!" he said in an accompanying post.

Both posts have received many positive comments from netizens. On the video of Mr Chee saluting, Facebook user Brian Liew commented: "I salute you back. A fighter indeed."

In December last year, Mr Chee got caught between a berthing rope and a motorised winch on board a warship.

Following the accident, Singaporeans have rallied for his recovery, such as by donating blood or money. The Ministry of Defence said that it will cover his medical and rehabilitation fees, The Straits Times reported on Feb 17.

In a Facebook post thanking Singaporeans who have been supporting and rooting for him, Mr Chee said yesterday that he was halfway through the recovery process.

He added that he has always been positive, with a "strong mindset" and "a never-say-die attitude".


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