Year-end discounts on TCM products

Year-end discounts on TCM products

SINGAPORE - Those seeking treatment for specific ailments, preventive care or even general health and wellness therapy can turn to quality traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) services at Bao Zhong Tang TCM centre.

In 2007, the centre started off as a joint venture between SingHealth and the Shanghai Hospital Development Centre.

Today, it offers a comprehensive range of services, including consultation, acupuncture and tui na - also known as Chinese therapeutic massage. It also dispenses herbal medicine.

Bao Zhong Tang - which used to be at Singapore General Hospital - is conveniently located at the Novena Specialist Centre, but patients can benefit from its expertise without even needing to step inside the centre.

It offers a range of take-home TCM products at leading Guardian outlets and Singapore General Hospital's retail pharmacy.

It is now offering discounts of up to 46 per cent for its selected products until the end of the year.

Pearl-Ganoderma Mind Calmer Tablets

This product contains ganoderma, or lingzhi, which is traditionally used to enhance vital energy and promote good health.

Its pearl (or Concha margaritifera) extracts help to calm the mind.

Cordyceps Mycelia Capsules

Cordyceps supports kidney functions and the immune system. It also helps to improve the constitution and overall well-being.

Treasure of Women's Tonic Pills

Uniquely formulated with up to 20 types of Chinese herbs, this product is commonly used to nourish blood, improve blood circulation and promote vitality.

Cardio-Soother Tablets

Traditionally used in TCM to manage chest discomfort, the product's active ingredient, Salvia miltiorrhiza (danshen in Chinese, also known as red sage), is well known for improving blood circulation and supports cardiovascular health.

Cough & Phlegm Reliever

This herbal, non-drowsy formula is alcohol-free and provides relief for stubborn coughs and build-up of phlegm.

For more information on Bao Zhong Tang and Chinese proprietary medicine, visit or call 6327-7866.

Bao Zhong Tang TCM Centre is located at Novena Specialist Centre, 8 Sinaran Drive, #07-13/14.

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