Yoga with goats craze: 4 other animals to namaste with

Bleat the stress with...goat yoga? We aren't kidding when we're talking about goat yoga.

Recently, this type of yoga has become a craze in the US where goats run around - and sometimes on top of - people while they practise their poses.

"They're adorable and they're friendly," said yoga instructor Meridith Lana. 

"They do eat your hair, they do leave you presents on your mat but it's all in fun."

Photo: Reuters

With this new way to 'namaste', here are four other yoga-with-animal types to 'ohm' to.

Horse Yoga

There aren't any naysayers on how cool horse yoga can look.

While most pet yoga classes let animals run around them, for this sort of yoga, students can perform poses on horses' backs, producing many Insta-worthy moments.

The Doma India School in Argentina even performs yoga with horses.

The school claims that stretching together with horses can allow people to tame and bond with the horses.

Dog Yoga (Doga)

Who let the dogs out…onto the yoga mats? The cutest yoga trend is to stretch with furry companions.

And with photo-ops abound due pet yoga programmes, social media is hardly ever dry with pet posing pics.

Photo: The Straits Times

When work has got you barking up the wrong tree, Doga can relieve your stress.

Doga instructors encourage dog-owner bonding experiences by making owners and dogs do poses together. 

Cat Yoga

Cat yoga can be unbelievably cathartic.

Those who have tried it say that the cats make yoga more relaxing.

Cats prowl around yoga students, rubbing against legs and arms, with some burrowing into yoga mats. How cute!

Bunny Yoga

Photo: Instagram/jas.miina

Hop on the growing train for bunny yoga!

In Canada, Sunberry Fitness partnered with a bunny charity to run bunny yoga classes.

The classes were immensely popular, and raised over US$1,000 (S$1,400) for the bunny charity.