Yoga mum's photos an Instagram hit

NEW JERSEY - A New Jersey mother's adorable selfies have taken Instagram by storm.

Yoga devotee Laura Kasperzak, 36, has over 700,000 followers who comment on the artful photographs she posts of herself and her two children in elaborate poses, the New York Daily News reported.

Some of her most popular selfies feature her four-year-old daughter, Mini, who mimics her mum's impeccable backbends.

"(Mini) loves to be photographed," Ms Kasperzak said.

She added: "Just recently, she was doing a headstand and said, 'Mummy, take a picture!' After I did, she said, 'Let me see.' She went, 'Oh no, mummy, we have to do it again. I wasn't smiling'."

Ms Kasperzak, who has a background in cheerleading and gymnastics, has been practising yoga for 17 years.

She said she involves her husband and children in her yoga practice to enhance her experience and bond with them.

Ms Kasperzak said: "It's an amazing way to create memories and spend time with one another."

She created her Instagram account two years ago at the suggestion of her niece, shooting her own photos using an interval timer on her Nikon.

She figured she'd collect a few "likes", but within a year, her photos were getting major attention.

Ms Kasperzak is part of the growing "Mommy and Me" fitness movement focused on the health and well-being of children and their families.

Actor Alec Baldwin's flexible wife, Hilaria Baldwin, 30, has also jumped on the yoga-selfie bandwagon, photographing herself and baby daughter Carmen in yoga poses.

But she has far fewer Instagram followers than Ms Kazperzak.

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