Is your child a bully?

Is your child quick to blame others and unwilling to take responsibility for his/her actions?

Does your child lack empathy, compassion and understanding for other people's feelings?

Does your child exhibit aggressive and violent behavior?

Does your child regularly disobey you?

Is your child bossy and demanding?

Does your child have a bad temper?

Does your child always want to be in control?

Is there violence in your home?

Does your child come from a family of bullies?

Is your child often frustrated and anxious?

Does your child express aggression and violence in writings or drawings?

Is your child cruel to animals?

Has your child destroyed someone else's property?

Does your child spend a lot of time with other children who are bullies?

Does your child often get into fights?

Does your child talk about other children and adults in an aggressive or negative way?

Do you have a hard time setting limits for your child?

Are you inconsistent with discipline?

Is your child often unsupervised?

Do you often receive calls and complaints about your child's behavior?

Do you find your child in possession of other people's money, toys or other belongings that isn't his/hers?