Here's how you make your own instant noodles

Everyone loves instant noodles but hates the preservatives that go with it. Serious Eats shows you how you can create your own instant noodles without the MSG and dried condiments.

On the website, managing culinary director of Serious Eats J. Kenji Lopez-Alt reveals his recipes for making different flavours of instant noodles.

They include spicy kimchi beef, chicken and dill, vegetable with sesame-miso soup and Thai coconut curry shrimp.

Don't let the fancy names of the noodles fool you, making them is a lot easier than it sounds.

All you need are pre-cooked noodles, vegetables, garnish as well as some meat. Having a coverable glass jar also helps if you want to seal in the flavour when you bring your noodles out.

After you have prepared the ingredients, simply put them into the jar and add hot water when you feel like eating them.

How good your noodles will taste really depends on how well you prepare it, which is why the website comprehensively goes through all the required steps and ingredients.

Visit Serious Eats and try your hand at making these mouth-watering instant noodles. Your friends, colleagues and loved ones will definitely be impressed.

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