High-flying selfies

Capturing selfies and sharing them instantaneously via social media need not be a difficult feat any longer.

Cooliris Inc, developer for the photo app of the same name, has forged a partnership with drone manufacturer, Aibotix which will enable users to capture and share photographs of themselves without fuss using a smartphone and multicopter, Aibot X6.

Users can mount their smartphones onto the Aibot X6, which can be navigated via a separate controller. Photos from the phone can then be uploaded in real time to private Cooliris groups via mobile data or WiFi networks to be shared instantly with friends and family.

This drone photography feature is said to be a good way for users to capture memorable moments at social gatherings yet not miss out on the action at the same time. The feature will be released soon for the Cooliris app via Apple's App Store.

An Android version of the app which will also contain this feature is scheduled for launch before the second quarter of this year.