High Recognition of NAMI’s Technology Inventions in the 45th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva

HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 6 April 2017 - Nano and Advanced Materials Institute (NAMI) is committed to supporting the local enterprises by turning cutting-edge technologies into innovative and marketable products that are beneficial to the society. NAMI's inventions were highly recognized in the 45th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva 2017 with the winning of nine gold medals (with four being special "jury commendation" as the best among all the gold medals awarded) and one silver medal, as well as the Prize of the Chinese Delegation for Invention and Innovation and two special awards.

NAMI's delegate demonstrated outstanding achievement in the 45th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva 2017

Technologies awarded Gold Medals:


Ultra-Flexible and Super Safe Battery Technology for Wearable Electronics

- NAMI's lithium ion batteries based on nanofiber sponge electrolyte is highly flexible, super-safe, powerful and rechargeable. NAMI's flexible battery is integrated into a commercial smart watch as a detachable watch strap, substantially increasing the battery capacity and device operation time by 5 days. 

The Technology was also granted the Prize of the Chinese Delegation for Invention and Innovation, and a Special Award for the Invention by Romanian Association for Nonconventional Technologies.

Germ-repellent Plastic Resins Make Antimicrobial Possible without Using Biocides

- Instead of killing germs, NAMI's biocide-free germ-repellent plastic stops them from adsorbing and colonizing on the surfaces to avoid cross-transmission of germs in use. It is proven to be leach-free, non-toxic and will not give rise to drug-resistant "Superbugs".


Novel Nanoparticles for Pre-clinical Diagnosis for Early Alzheimer Detection and Drug Development

- NAMI's nanoparticle agent, which is able to pass through the impermeable blood-brain barrier and specifically bind to the biomarker for early-stage Alzheimer's Disease, can be visualized via non-radioactive MRI in live animals. Disease progression can be monitored through repeated imaging, enabling time-saving monitoring of drug effectiveness for new drug development.


Breathable Nanofiber PM2.5 Facemask for Sports

- NAMI's nanofiber facemask for sports offers protection by effectively filtering PM2.5, bacteria and viruses while allowing free flow of air. Combining the desirable features of both surgical mask and N95 respirator, it is ideal for use in sport activities, offering users airborne infection protection with ultra-high comfort.


Innovative Capsule Technology for Producing Super Strong Lightweight Concrete

- NAMI's capsule technology enables the production of super strong lightweight concrete in industry scale. These capsules are dissolvable in alkaline-in-nature concrete after pre-determined period for cell-structure formation to offer superior thermal and acoustic insulation properties.


A New Eggshell Recycling Technology - Turning Garbage to Treasure

- NAMI's novel eggshell recycling technology takes only one step to extract 99% of the valuable nutrients in eggshell including hyaluronic acid, proteins and calcium carbonate, without prior separation of membrane from eggshell.


Nano Bubble - Turning Ordinary Air and Water into Strong Oxidizing Fluid

- NAMI's nano fluid technology generates bubbles in nano size which have good efficiency of gas dissolution and stable oxidizing property. The generated oxygen-carrying nano bubbles are beneficial to sanitation, sterilization, aquaculture and hydroponic farming.


A Super Thin Nanofiber Based Quantum Dot Mat for Better Display and Lighting

- NAMI's highly flexible and ultrathin QD-mat by electrospinning and polymer compounding in Quantum Dot (QD) technologies can be used in LCD displays to achieve rich and vivid color that can rival OLED performance but at a much lower cost.


Battery to Power Electronic Devices under Extreme Temperature

-  NAMI's rechargeable lithium-ion battery (LIB) with novel carbon anode material and uniquely formulated electrolyte possesses large pulse discharge capability under extreme temperature from -40°C to 85°C. It isideal for operating "All-weather" remote Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

The technology was also granted a Special Award for the Invention by Romanian Association for Nonconventional Technologies.

Technology awarded Silver Medal:


Unique Nano Cementitious Waterproofing Materials Offering Superb Elongation and Efficient Application

- NAMI's technology in dispersing the nanoparticles in the coating uniformly enhances the tensile strength, ductility and adhesion, achieving high flexibility and superior waterproof performance in the polymer cementitious coating.