Home party promoted on social media attended by 1,500 teens

If the turnout of a home party is the benchmark of its success, this party in Brampton, Canada just tipped the scales.

After it was promoted heavily on Twitter and other social media platforms, over 1,500 teens flooded a partially-built mansion in an upscale neighbourhood, turning the party into one rambunctious mess.

News of the party - organised by the homeowner's son - spread so fast that the hashtag #MansionParty was momentarily trending on Twitter.

According to the Toronto Sun, police got wind of the party via Twitter, and decided to disperse the boisterous crowd even before the party was fully underway.

CBS News reported that 60 police cars and officers from three divisions were activated. They had the unpleasant task of being party poopers.

While there was a cover charge for guests entering the party, the damage to the property was far more substantial.

The Toronto Sun reported that there were many broken windows, smashed doors and beer bottles littered around the street - and the railings in the mansion were falling apart. The damages totalled an estimated $70,000 Canadian (S$79,835).