Honda ready for Formula One return

TOKYO -- After a seven-year hiatus from Formula One auto racing, Honda Motor will on March 13 make a comeback at the Australian Grand Prix.

Honda has teamed up with McLaren again for its return to the prestigious competition. Back in 1988, Honda and McLaren scored a stunning streak of victories, winning 15 out of 16 races. The British-Japanese racing team used to have two legendary drivers: Brazil's Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost of France.

In a recent interview with The Nikkei, Honda Motor President Takanobu Ito explained why his company is going back to the circuit.

Q: What does F1 mean for Honda?

A: We value new challenges. F1 is at the very top of four-wheel racing. Our desire to win the competition symbolizes our can-do spirit. So, F1 participation is very significant.

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