Hong Kongers' secrets to living longer

HONG KONG - This place gives off its share of negative perceptions: It is overpopulated; its workplaces brim with stress; the wealth gap yawns. Now add a positive statistic: Its citizens enjoy the world's longest life expectancy.

According to Japan's health ministry, the average life expectancy for newborn girls here in 2015 was 87.32 years; for boys, it was 81.24 years.

These figures refer to the average number of years newborns can expect to live if mortality patterns remain constant throughout their lives. Life expectancy is widely recognised as a key indicator of health care and welfare standards.

So what are Hong Kongers' secrets?

Medicine and diet

"Every day we have soup for dinner, some of the soup have different function for our well-being," says 60-year-old Rosanna Yeung Yuk-ying. Locals in Hong Kong and other southern regions of China typically consume traditional herbal soups at least once a day. The soups contain various medicinal herbs along beef and chicken.

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