How to cook the best steak of your life

If you love steaks, there's nothing better than a juicy slab of meat cooked to your desired done-ness.

Better still if you can whip it up easily in your own home.

YouTube food channel FudeHouse has a recipe which they promise will allow you to cook your favourite steak as well as any restaurant chef.

All you need is a choice hunk of beef, some salt and pepper, an oven, and a cast iron skillet.

The traditional method requires that you sear the steak on both sides before popping it in the oven to finish.

But FudeHouse's recipe flips that method on its head by starting the steak in the oven and finishing it in the pan.

The result? An evenly-cooked steak all round with just the right amount of char on the outside.

Instead of only getting a strip of pink right in the middle of the steak, this reverse cooking method ensures you get the perfect done-ness all throughout the meat.

There are four benefits to cooking a steak this way:

1. Because the external temperature of the steak is already hot from the oven, it takes a shorter amount of time to sear it.

2. The dry surface of the steak also encourages a better sear.

3. The meat's proteins are primed for browning after going in the oven.

4. Because the steak is rested for 15 minutes before being seared on the stove, the steak can be sliced and served immediately while it's still hot.

Click on the gallery below for the steps to cook the best steak of your life.