How to find a job with no Sunday night blues

How to find work that won't make you hate Monday mornings.

It's the end of a life of studies and exams for millions of university graduates. You're marching to get a diploma and embarking on the beginning of "real life" as an adult, where you are now the CEO of your own life.

It's a huge promotion from doing what your parents or professors told you to do day in and day out.

You're in charge. So, what happens next?

Picking an industry where there's a greater upside can lead to greater success, for certain.

But how many of us would bristle at the thought of choosing a career path in an industry that is growing when you have absolutely no interest in the field? Exactly.

Work is so important to our lives - just think of how many hours we spend (or will spend) at work versus everything else we do - that inevitably you've got to choose something you really care about.

The industry you choose to build your career in will have a huge impact on your success.

And while many can excel in that profession, the path you take to get there will have as much to do with your success as anything else.

But does that mean you should pick a career path in something that doesn't appeal to you, just because it's a hot growth spot?

Choosing the right path

Keep in mind that success boils down to a simple truth: Some industries are growing at such a quick clip that opportunities abound.

Just think of the job opportunities today for people who work in such cutting-edge industries as robotics, biotech, artificial intelligence, or renewable energy compared to manufacturing, brick-and-mortar retail, or even hedge funds.

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