How to get paid iOS apps for free, legally

Apple occasionally offers free apps to all iTunes users.

Just recently, Traktor DJ and Infinity Blade II were given out free to all iOS users who logged in during the offer period to download the apps, in celebration of the iTunes Store's fifth anniversary.

These deals can be quite good. For example, Traktor DJ would have set you back a whopping $25.98, while Infinity Blade II costs $8.98.

There are other apps and websites that offer freebies. Paid apps are also sometimes offered free for a day for promotional reasons. But it can be tough to keep track of them. Here are some options to help you stay on top of the game of free apps.

Apple Store (Free download from Apple App Store US)

This app, which you can download only from the United States Apple App store, is usually used to browse and purchase items from physical Apple stores in the US, book appointments with the store's Genius Bar or set up personal lessons with a trainer.

However, the app has recently been offering a free app or an iBook each week.

First, log in with your US Apple App Store account. Start the app. On the Featured page, you will find a column saying a free app or iBook is ready for you to download for free. Tap on that column and you get a download bar. Just tap on it to claim your free app.

It gave away Color Zen (US$0.99 or S$1.28) recently and it is now giving away an iBook titled Away In My Airplane (US$3.99) by Margaret Wise Brown.

FreeAppAlert (

While other sites and apps might highlight one or a few paid apps, this website tracks and highlights all the paid apps that have become free for that day.

To get the daily alert, you can subscribe to its e-mail alerts to receive a long list of paid apps that are now free with their previous price tags. The e-mail alerts also provide links for you to view the apps on the FreeAppAlert website or on the Apple App Store.

The list on the e-mail alerts can get really long at times. There have been instances when there were up to about 90 free paid apps listed. It can be a chore to scroll through, and there is also not much information on each app except for its category.

Still, it provides a great way to keep track of paid apps that have become free.

AppZapp (Free download from Apple App Store)

This app tracks price changes of apps in the Apple App Store and sorts it out nicely for you.

On its start page, there are plenty of options from News to New Apps. You can join the community of more than two million users who will leave comments about apps they used.

But what you really want to tap on is the Now Free icon. This section will show you all the paid apps that are currently free with the apps' previous pricing.

You can also look out for the Sale section where you can find apps that are going cheaper than their listed price. This section will also list the free paid apps as well.

The News section not only informs you what genre of apps is going on sale or for free, but it also has app reviews to help you make informed choices.

There is a Pro version ($1.28), which has all the same features, except that it allows you to set a specific price for apps you would like to pay for and it can translate foreign user comments to your language of choice.

Free App A Day (

The Free App A Day website will alert you to a free paid app per day. Sometimes, it even offers you up to four free iPhone apps or one free iPhone app and one free iPad app on a good day.

You can download the app (yes, it's free) from the Apple App Store and get notifications every day on the latest offers. You can also send your wish list of paid apps you would like to get for free.

Games and apps that went free for a day include Civilization Revolution ($3.98), BackBreaker 2: Vengeance ($1.28) and Zombie Highway ($1.28).

Alternatively, you can follow the app on Twitter (@FreeAppADay) or like it on Facebook.

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