How good is PM Lee's prata choice?

SINGAPORE - When Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong hosted new Indonesian President Joko Widodo to breakfast recently, on the menu was Nasi Lemak from Selara Rasa and Roti Prata from Madras New Woodlands.

The dishes were so good that PM Lee posted a picture of the party tucking in on his Facebook account. 

The roti prata that PM Lee ordered from is a restaurant that has a wealth of history.

Located at Little India, Madras New Woodlands dates back to 1983 and is one of Singapore's most well-known vegetarian restaurants.

It serves hearty Indian cuisine such as poori bhaji, which is deep-fried flour rounds with curried potatoes; chola bhatura, which is fried bread with spicy chickpeas; and snacks such as vadai, which is deep-fried fritters.

The thosai at Madras New Woodlands is apparently so good that you don't have to dip it into chutney or sambar, wrote a former reporter from tabla!

General manager of the restaurant KN Raja said that it's a "privilege" that PM Lee chose Madras New Woodlands to buy his prata from.

He added that nowadays there are customers who come into the restaurant and ask him "where is the Prime Minister's prata."

We've featured the famous nasi lemak before, so this time SPH Razor finds out exactly how good the PM's prata choice is!

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