How to tell good quality CNY goodies from the bad

What makes a great goodie? For one, they have to be so delicious that once you pop you can't stop. (Yes, yes Pringles, not CNY goodies, we know.) But we've dug around to find some tips on how the best goodies should taste:


Pineapple Tarts

Photo: herworldPLUS

  • buttery crust.
  • jam, just chunky enough to leave a bit of bite and texture.
  • just enough jam to balance the savoury crust.


Kueh Lapis

Photo: herworldPLUS

  • moist and buttery, but not oily
  • layers should be easy to peel without leaving behind much crumbs on the next layer
  • layers should be thin and even


Love Letters

Photo: herworldPLUS

  • golden brown
  • crisp and crunchy
  • very very mild coconut taste
  • thin enough that it crumbles it your mouth


Kueh Bangkit

Photo: herworldPLUS

  • they should smell of pandan the minute you open the plastic container chalky-looking, but the powdery biscuit should melt in your mouth.
  • Just sucking on it a little should have it melting already.


Green Pea Cookies


  • the biscuit should be creamy with crunchy pea bits mixed in.
  • A nice pale green
  • Crumbly and powdery.


Bak Kwa

Photo: herworldPLUS

  • It should have a lovely chewy texture and not be tough
  • a beautiful char with slight crisp edges
  • a carmel-ly brown and not an artificial orange or red
  • not dripping in oil


Almond cookies

Photo: herworldPLUS

  • Slight crunch, yet melty
  • Firm on the outside but soft and melty on the inside.
  • Nice and sweet with a slight salty punch.


Hae Bee Hiam Rolls (spicy dried prawn rolls)


  • Spicy enough to give a lovely punch, but not spicy enough to take away from the flavour of the shrimp flavour.
  • 90 per cent have bee, 10 per cent thin, crisp pastry
  • Nice and crunchy, not chewy!

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