I2R for SMEs to be held from Oct 9-10

PHOTO: I2R for SMEs to be held from Oct 9-10

SINGAPORE - SMEs that seek Intelligence, Communication and Media (ICM) solutions to boost their productivity, can turn to A*STAR's Institute for Infocomm Research's (I2R) annual flagship event ICM Horizons 2013 from Oct 9-10.

Now into its 20th year, the exhibition and conference will focus on how I2R's 'ready-to-go' ICM innovations can help boost the productivity of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The event is part of I2R's response to the National Productivity Council's call to boost the productivity of our local enterprises.

Productivity enables Singapore to continue to grow its economy and remain competitive. ICM innovations play an important role in driving productivity for labour-constrained Singapore.

Intelligence, Communications and Media technologies are key drivers of innovation, growth and social change, as they allow businesses to manage their processes more efficiently and increase their operational efficiency.

Companies, especially SMEs are highly encouraged by the Government to adopt ICM technologies to improve their labour and manpower utilisation rate. However, many SMEs may not be aware of the various resources and ICM solutions available to them to help address these issues.

ICM Horizons Conference: Boosting SMEs' productivity with ICM solutions and funding schemes

The full-day ICM Horizons conference on 9October will feature successful industry case studies of SMEs adopting ICM technologies and how I2R has contributed to building up their R&D capabilities.

I2R will present ICM innovations that have been translated from our research efforts to readily deployable solutions, for businesses that are looking for more efficient ways to meet their customers' needs. Research scientists from I2R will share with participants on the evolution of ICM and how easily adoptable ICM solutions from I2R can help SMEs boost their productivity.

Participants will also gain more insights on how they can leverage on various Government funding initiatives available that enable SMEs to quickly and easily adopt ICM technologies. Distinguished speakers and panelists at the ICM Horizons conference include agencies such as IDA, SPRING and KPMG.

ICM Horizons Exhibition: Showcasing productivity-focused technologies for SMEs

The two-day exhibition will showcase over 20 exhibits of I2R's readily deployable technologies and platform solutions to boost productivity. The aim of this showcase is to encourage SMEs to adopt ICM solutions as a force multiplier to raise their productivity, as they gear up to meet the challenges in competitive, demanding business environments.

The solutions are broadly categorised under four technology clusters: Healthcare, Safety & Security, Wireless, Video, Image and Audio. Businesses who are interested in using ICM technologies to boost their industry competitiveness are invited to experience first-hand these technologies at the demonstration booths. Please see Annex A for the full list of technologies that are showcased.