In-N-Out Burger coming to Singapore again

SINGAPORE - Fans of the cult American burger chain In-N- Out will be pleased to know that the fresh, made-to-order burgers will be on sale at Timbre@Gillman from 11am till 3pm on Wednesday.

The Straits Times reported that the burger brand announced in an advertisement placed in a local newspaper that they will be serving burgers in "limited quantities".

They will be serving their Double-double, Animal-Style and Protein-Style burgers.

"For those who have not yet experienced In-N-Out Burger, be sure to come and check us out at this special promotional event," the advertisment said.

The family-run burger chain is famous for setting up stores only on the West Coast of the United States. The chain is also popular among celebrities. Singer Selena Gomez and former Californian governor and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger have been photographed eating its burgers.

In 2012, it set up a pop-up store in Boat Quay to see if it would be a good move to open a permanent eatery in Singapore. The company has also similarly tested the waters in Sydney, Seoul, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

With only 300 burgers made available in the 2012 one-day sale, fans turned up in droves and queues started forming at about 9.30am. Red wristbands, which entitled each customer to buy one burger, were distributed at 11am and given out within five minutes, The Straits Times reported.

Some fans were so eager to get a taste that there were offers of up to $50 for a wristband.