Inside Derek Lam's $7.4m apartment

PHOTO: Inside Derek Lam's $7.4m apartment

Chinese-American fashion designer Derek Lam has put his US$6 million (S$7.44 million) New York apartment up for sale.

One of the world's most popular designers, Lam's home is also impeccably styled with modern and minimalistic pieces.

Though simple, the luxury condominium is cosy and luxurious, with a private lift, a library and large spacious bedrooms and walk-in closets.

There is no doubt that fashion fans will find exhilarating the thought of owning the home previously occupied by the fashion guru.

To top it off, the new owner of Lam's home will also be counting many celebrities as neighbours. It is reported that singer Rihanna once rented an apartment in the same building for US$18,000 a month (S$22,306).