Inside Iron Man's home

PHOTO: Inside Iron Man's home

Iron Man fans felt their hearts shatter a little when their hero's Malibu home was destroyed in the latest installation of the Marvel-inspired movie.

The home, identified with a Point Dume location in the movie, was tragically smashed to bits and washed into the Pacific Ocean.

While it was all incredibly devastating to watch, fans need not be too affected as the entire scene was digitally created. In fact, even the house built on the cliff (and its sprawling interior) were entirely digitally created.

Despite the Point Dume location being protected and restricted to any sort of developments, rumours were rife last year when a real estate website listed the home for sale at US$25 million (S$31 million). Many took the listing for real and Iron Man fans were sent into a frenzy, thinking of ways they could get their names on the title deed of the "4-bedroom, 6-bathroom" home with a private beach. There were even realistic pictures to prove the home was real.

Nevertheless, the Iron Man home, with its beautiful views of the ocean and sleek spacious design, is sure to inspire many architects and luxury home owners.