An inside look at how air stewardesses are recruited

PHOTO: An inside look at how air stewardesses are recruited

High heels clicking on the polished floor, a well-dressed, beautiful, young woman walks in front of a panel of interviewers and stops and smiles at them.

She then pirouettes and walks off after answering a series of questions which are fired at her furiously.

Barely seconds later, another beautiful young woman takes her place and the process starts all over again.

This is just a typical scene during an air stewardess recruitment campaign.

According to online sources, attending interviews for air stewardess positions can be nerve-wracking. Other than answering probing questions on one's intentions and aims in applying for the job, applicants also have to look their physical best.

Unlike other jobs where looking neat and tidy is enough, air stewardesses have to be in good physical condition and exude a sense of courtesy, essential when serving passengers on an airplane.

They also need to have their own unique personalities to stand out from other applicants, or they stand a chance of being dropped from the selection process.

Airline recruiters look specially for warm and cheerful personalities who can interact with people and can make a difference to passengers' journeys.

Regular, nondescript answers are also a surefire way of getting eliminated.