iOS 7 could be released on Sept 10

iOS 7, the latest update to Apple's successful mobile OS, is set to be the company's most radical yet, featuring numerous new features and an entirely new look and feel. The latest rumours suggest that Apple will be announcing the new iPhone on September 10, and these phones will go sale as soon as 10 days later on the 20th. However, there has not been a release date set for iOS 7 yet.

However, according to a developer who received an email from Nuance, the team behind SIRI, iOS 7 could be made available on September 10 too - the same day the new iPhones are being announced.

That said, some are sceptical about Nuance having inside information as to the release of iOS 7 and instead point to September 10 as being the date that iOS 7 Gold Master will be released, which means the general release will instead be on September 18.

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