IT consultant gives up high-paying job to manage toilets

PHOTO: IT consultant gives up high-paying job to manage toilets

SINGAPORE - A 51-year-old IT consultant has given up his high-paying job to become a toilet attendant for Chinese restaurant Hai Di Lao.

Mr Zhong Jing Gui used to earn four times as much as his current toilet attendant job, which pays $1,600, but decided to take up this job after he saw their hiring ads.

"I know that this restaurant is very big in China, and was very interested and curious, so I decided to try out for the job and challenge myself," he told Shin Min Daily News.

28-year-old restaurant manager Wang Jin Ping confirmed with the Chinese daily that the restaurant was indeed hiring toilet service attendants.

Mr Wang also said that the high salary was because the restaurant viewed the toilet attendant's job as equally important as other employees.

"The two toilet attendants we have now are both Singaporeans, and are very serious and conscientious in their work," he said.

What does the toilet attendant do?

The toilet attendant's duties include providing guests with items they need, such as paper towels, hand creams, combs and other items to make them more comfortable.