It's not old. It's shabby chic

PHOTO: It's not old. It's shabby chic

The young couple wanted a "shabby chic" flat, to the bewilderment of their parents.

It refers to a style where furniture and furnishings are deliberately chosen for their worn-out appearance.

For one, the parents thought that hacking down the existing tiles and replacing them with cement flooring was ridiculous.

"They thought we were 'siao' (Hokkien for crazy). In the past, only people with no money would have no tiles and we were spending money to get rid of the tiles," recalled marketing manager Steven Ng, 31. The couple eventually decided against the idea.

The couple, who got married in 2009, moved into their four-room BTO flat in Punggol last year with their 10-month-old baby boy.

They spent about $60,000 on renovations, furnishings and appliances.

They did not take a renovation loan.

His wife, Ms Charissa Seet, 28, who works from home, said it's money well spent.

"If we live here for five years, it's only about $1,000 a month. We wanted a home that would reflect our style and is sustainable because we don't have a helper."

The businesswoman and events and TV Host usually works from a bench in their living room.

One of the most expensive items in their flat is a designer sculpture of an elephant in a durian shell, a stark contrast to the muted colours of their flat.

The stylish couple said that they enjoy spending most of their time at home.

"This is where we will create memories. Our baby will grow up here, it is our first home.

"We want to make the best out of this place," said Ms Seet.

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