Jail and fine for showing policeman the finger

GEORGE TOWN - A photographer who admitted showing his middle finger at a policeman was jailed five days and fined RM2,500 by a magistrate's court here.

Ronnie Chan Kok Chun, 30, was also jailed another five days and fined RM2,500 by the same court for obstructing Kpl Jamalludin Mohamad from carrying out his duties.

Magistrate Sharifah Izura Syed Mashor ordered Chan to serve his jail sentences concurrently from the date of his arrest on Jan 11.

This means he's only jailed for five days.

Chan admitted showing his finger at Kpl Jamalludin with the intention of insulting him at the Jalan Tunku Kudin 2 intersection on Jan 11.

He also pleaded guilty to obstructing Kpl Jamalludin from discharging his duties by the roadside of Jalan Tunku Kudin 1 on the same day.

According to the facts of the case, Kpl Jamalludin was with two other policemen in a police patrol car, when a Honda City, believed to be driven by Chan, made an illegal U-turn at the intersection of Jalan Tunku Kudin 2.

The driver of the patrol car honked at Chan, who then showed an obscene gesture at him.

The policemen then chased and managed to stop the Honda City, but Chan refused to co-operate with Kpl Jamalludin.

Counsel R. Puran said Chan is supporting his elderly parents, who were present in court yesterday.

"He is regretful and remorseful. His action on that particular day was on the spur of the moment.

"My client has been detained since Jan 11, and we ask the court for a minimal fine or minimum sentence for both offences," he said.

DPP Nurul Izzah Shaharuddin said an appropriate punishment should be dispensed to prevent a repeat of the offence.

The court ordered him to pay the fine for each offence or serve another three months' jail.

At press time yesterday, it could not be confirmed whether Chan paid the fine.