In Japan for cherry blossoms? Grab this limited edition sakura Coke bottle too

If you're visiting Japan to catch the cherry blossoms this year, you might want to get your hands on this pretty sakura-themed Coke bottle as well.

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The slim, white aluminium bottle is adorned with pink cherry blossom leaves, and will be available for a limited time during spring from Feb 13 for 125 yen (S$1.60).

Coca-Cola Japan touts it as a great way to celebrate not only hanami (cherry blossom-viewing parties), but also hina-matsuri (Girls' Day) on March 3, when Japanese families wish and pray for the future happiness of girls. The 250ml bottle is also advertised as a gift idea for students who are entering their new tertiary schools in April.

It's a pity that the bottle contains the usual Coke and not a sakura-flavoured beverage.

While rival Pepsi has already come up with a sakura-flavoured cola last year, Coca-Cola Japan only got as close as making sakura milk tea, which was released for a limited time last month.