Jeremy Lin a letdown as Rockets drown Lakers

TAIPEI - Taiwanese-American NBA player Jeremy Lin was not at his best during Tuesday's season opener against his former team the Houston Rockets as his debut with the Los Angeles Lakers at the Staples Center turned into a large-margin defeat of 108 to 90.

Starting as point guard in the home game against the Rockets, Lin was scoreless with two assists and two turnovers in the first half.

He ultimately scored 7 points in 29 minutes and 8 seconds of play, making only one field goal in five attempts. He also had two rebounds, six assists and four turnovers.

"I don't think I did a good job (in the game), the things I wanted to do, I just have to make more plays," Lin told reporters after the game.

The season opener loss became even more depressing for the Lakers as they lost rookie power forward Julius Randle, who suffered a fractured right tibia in the fourth quarter.

The Lakers' No. 1 pick was wheeled off the court on a stretcher and later transported to a local hospital. The team announced he could undergo surgery Wednesday, and a timetable for his return was not immediately known.

Asked to comment on Randle's injury, the Lakers' starting point guard said he felt sorry for the rookie.

"It just sucks because it's his NBA debut, he is a rookie, he is just 19, that is like the worst thing," Lin said.

Lin's season-opener in a Lakers' jersey was meant to be a perfect chance to for him show his former team exactly what they have lost.

The Harvard graduate was traded by the Rockets during the offseason and the breakup was somewhat ugly for Lin.

Houston embarrassed Lin with well publicized images on display outside their home arena showing Carmelo Anthony wearing a No. 7 Rockets jersey, Lin's number at the time, while trying to press the All-Star forward to join the Rockets.

Commenting on his relationship with his ex-teammates, Lin said that despite having left the Rockets, he has maintained good relations with his former teammates off the court.

"Beyond the floor we are friends, once the ball goes up we are not friends anymore," Lin said.

The Lakers' top scorer was Kobe Bryant, who played 30 minutes, scoring 19 points on 6-of-17 shooting.

James Harden of the Rockets led all scorers with 32 points, hitting 15 of 16 attempts from the free-throw line.