Jeremy Lin traded to the Los Angeles Lakers: ESPN

TAIPEI, Taiwan - The Houston Rockets finished a deal to trade point guard Jeremy Lin along with a first-round draft pick to the Los Angeles Lakers yesterday, according to ESPN.

The 25-year-old Taiwanese American NBA player was on a tour to visit China when the news broke, so Lin cancelled parts of his trip to return to the United States to sign the new contract with the Lakers, based on local reports.

Lin was set to land in Taiwan on July 16 for a weeklong visit, according to Vision Creative Marketing & Media Co., the agency that is in charge of Lin's visit to Taiwan.

However, since Lin has to sign the contract himself, the Vision Creative Marketing & Media Co. said that Lin will delay his visit to Taiwan to July 17.

According to RealGM, Lin is excited about being traded to the Lakers, and he is looking forward to becoming teammates with the Lakers' all-star point guard Kobe Bryant.

The L.A. Daily News said that this is a good trade that meets the Lakers' demands since the team's point guard Steve Nash has showed signs of aging while another point guard, Kendall Marshall, does not have enough experience to lead the team.

Lee Yun-hsiang, a former player for the Taiwan national basketball team, said that being traded to the Lakers will allow Lin to receive more opportunities to play on the court compared to his time with the Rockets.

According to Lee, Lin's average performance during his two seasons for the Rockets was not bad, but James Harden and Dwight Howard were the main players for the Rocket's offensive strategies, which limited Lin's chances to showcase his ability.

Lee said that Lin is still young and he often gave out double-double performances in the past few seasons, which suggests that Lin has what it takes to be a starter for the Lakers.

Lin recently talked about how he would feel if he gets traded by the Rockets when asked about the rumour that the Rockets wanted to replace him with free agent Carmelo Anthony.

"If I get traded, I get traded," he said, adding that as long as he can wake up every day to play ball, "I'll still be very happy."

In an overture to Anthony, the Rockets put up promotional images of the basketball star in a Rockets No. 7 jersey - the one currently worn by Lin.

Lin became a Houston player after the Knicks chose not to match his contract price in 2012.