Jin Air 'offers fighter jet service' for $1 million

Korean low-cost carrier Jin Air has released a hilarious promotional video to highlight how they deliver "delight" and speed to their passengers.

The video showed a man boarding a F-380 Fighter and enjoying the perks of Jin Air's food services such as safety gear and a boxed meal.

He gets a warm send off by the airline's beautiful cabin crew and jets into the skies to his destination.

However, hilarity ensues as the seemingly normal flight turns into an acrobatic spectacle as the pilot starts to perform turns and spins in the air.

The passenger's horrified expressions are priceless - especially when he screams till he faints.

Watch it here:

The tongue-in-cheek clip has garnered more than 20,000 views on YouTube and more than 400,000 views on Chinese video site iQiyi since it was uploaded on Nov 29.

For extra giggles, the airline has even gone a step further and put up this fast ride for sale on a mock Groupon page - at a going price of $1 million.

Clever ads aside, Jin Air is offering flight discounts up to 65 per cent from now till Dec 10.

The sale will be opened to 22 routes including flights bound for Incheon, Hong Kong, Osaka, Hawaii, Boracay, Shanghai and more.

The travel period for this promotion is from Dec 15 to March 26, 2016.

For this promotion, Jin Air is offering 6,000 Etude Special kits for customers who purchased round-trip airline tickets with their Visa credit card.

More information on Jin Air is available at www.jinair.com.