Keep trying for PR status

Keep trying for PR status

I read Francesca Chan's letter, Tough For Husband To Get PR Status (Life!, Aug 3) with interest.

I was a little surprised that she should think that PR status would be granted to her French fiance even before they are married.

I had the same fear years ago. The difference was, I had married my British husband in Singapore and he had lived here for about 15 years before he was granted PR status. That happened only after our third child was born and after he was rejected a couple of times without being given any reason.

Of course, it was agonising and stressful, and the worry was made worse with the arrival of our children. But that did not dampen our confidence. We just kept on trying.

Hopefully, this will encourage Ms Chan not to give up hope for a future here with her husband-to-be.

Alice Ng
Reader, The Straits Times

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