KL university cafeteria serves up badly spelt menu

A menu from a university cafeteria in Kuala Lumpur has been ridiculed by netizens because of how badly the dish names were spelt, such that they resembled neither English nor Malay.

Some of the items listed were cika coop (chicken chop), fisan cips (fish and chips), lem coop (lamb chop) and sedbij (sandwich).

A photo of the menu was uploaded by user eccentricjack, who claimed it was from a local university.

Another netizen, hytag, commented: "I hope you're only paying them (the university) a visit. God help you if you choose to study there."

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But one user, Felinomany, was more forgiving.

He said: "I go to stalls and restaurants for food, not for the literary quality of the menu. So this wouldn't bother me."

This article was first published on May 21, 2016.
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