Koalas fly home after short holiday in Singapore

SINGAPORE - Paddle, Pellita, Chan and Idalia have taken a Qantas flight home to Brisbane's Lone Pine Koala after a ten-month stay at the Singapore Zoo.

The Australian government had loaned the four koalas to the Singapore Zoo last year to commemorate the Republic's 50 years of independence as well as 50 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Following a ten-month stay at Wildlife Reserves Singapore, Paddle, Pellita, Chan and Idalia flew back to their Brisbane...

Posted by Qantas onĀ Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Since their arrival, the Singapore Zoo has seen a surge in visitor numbers, with 800,000 guests dropping by between May to December last year, Qantas said in a press statement.

The Australian Zone in Singapore Zoo is currently being revamped and will feature other Australian animals when it re-opens.

During the koalas' stay, Qantas Freight sent a total of 75 shipments of gum leaf foliage to Singapore.

Every traveller needs a passport to fly and the koalas were no exception.

Qantas added that the four koalas were given a Joey Passport and boarding pass before they boarded the plane.

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