Korean mum with speech impediment sings for the first time, thanks to over 10,000 people

Korean mum Kim Eunju has a simple wish - to be able to do an activity that most of us probably take for granted every day.

She wants to read and talk to her three young kids - two daughters and a son, but with a speech impediment, she is only able to use sign language to communicate with them.

And with her second daughter's birthday approaching, she wanted to sing her a birthday song badly.

Posted by AIA Community, the video entitled "Mother's first song" showed how this "miracle" was fulfilled with the help of a team of voice engineers and vocal donations from over 10,000 people.

Slim, black and cylindrical, a device called "The First Voice" was used to track Kim's hand movements when she signs gestures and produce the word in speech.

Along with months of practising on Kim's efforts, the housewife was ready to sing to her daughter on her 11th birthday.

On that day, she wrote a letter to her daughter. Her note read: "I am so sorry I cannot sing you a birthday song because it was something all your friends had every year. I can sing today."

During the party, Kim stands in front of her three children and started to sign. A voice is generated from the device, though sounding robotic, it sings out the Happy Birthday song in Korean.

Just as the last note ended, Kim starts to cry and so does her kids. Going up to them, she smiles and asks her daughter why she is crying on such a joyous day.

Her daughter replied: "I love it. I love my mother's voice."

The touching video has garnered over 700,000 views since it was posted on YouTube on Nov 18, 2015.