Learning from the best

Singapore badminton could be re-energised with the help of world-renowned coaches and star players, who will be engaged to help critique methodologies and make suggestions for improvement.

Singapore Badminton Association (SBA) president Lee Yi Shyan yesterday revealed the plan for an “SBA Distinguished Visitors’ Programme”, where three of four top-notch personalities will be engaged over the course of a year to raise the standard of the game here.

Said Lee: “If we can do this over time with varied expertise, it will help enrich our training content and methodologies.

“Our coaches will be able to get in touch with the latest development and innovation in the sport.”

The SBA will also implement an enhanced “Player’s Individual Training Plan”, which will help shuttlers identify their strengths and weaknesses and set short- and medium- term training objectives.


National shuttler Derek Wong is looking forward to learning from top coaches from world-class badminton nations.

He said: “Any top-10 player will have the kind of character and discipline we can learn from. Japanese coaches have done well to guide their national team to their current level, and it would be good to learn what they are teaching their players.”

Meanwhile, SBA general secretary Michael Foo told The New Paper that the they will not close the door on foreign talent.

He said: “We will continue to look out for talent to suit our needs and help our system to grow.

“Of course, if we do get foreign talent, they must be of a higher standard than the players we already have.”

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