Let public upload footage of bad driving habits

Let public upload footage of bad driving habits

I agree with Mr Benjamin Ng Wei Yong that the best deterrent to unsafe driving is to boost the presence of Traffic Police on our roads ("Issue motorists speeding tickets on the spot"; May 11).

However, having officers stop every speeding motorist may not be practical on our busy roads, as this could lead to traffic congestion and even more accidents.

A growing number of motorists have installed video cameras in their vehicles. Such video footage has been useful in police investigations of accidents.

The Traffic Police could set up a website to allow the public to upload videos of other road users' bad driving habits, such as switching lanes without signalling, tailgating, road hogging and running the red light.

The Traffic Police could use the footage to prosecute errant motorists. Rewards can be offered to video contributors if their footage leads to successful prosecutions.

The Traffic Police could also consider publishing the major causes of accidents on their website, so motorists can learn from others' mistakes.

Pak Tung Sing

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