LG Chem to roll out bendable batteries

LG Chem announced the mass production of a series of new batteries Tuesday - stepped, curved and cable-type - heralding the imminent arrival of wearable smart gadgets with unique designs including curved and bendable smartphones and smart necklaces.

The announcement is expected to spark renewed competition between Samsung and LG, as the former has been saying it may release the "Galaxy Round," a curved smartphone that will be fitted with flexible AMOLED displays from Samsung Display, as early as this week.

Not to be outdone, LG has said it would be revealing a similar phone next month based on flexible AMOLED displays manufactured by LG Display.

"Through the exclusiveness of our unique technology, LG Chem has succeeded in launching future batteries that have not existed before. This shall be the fundamental grounds for LG Chem to become a pioneer in the market," said Kwon Young-soo, president of the Seoul-based battery manufacturer.

The firm said that the applications of the new batteries were "limitless," including bendable smartphones, smart glasses and smart necklaces, and that many global gadget makers had inquired or placed orders for them.

"Inquiries for the batteries are flooding in from global electronics gadget makers," said an LG Chem official, adding, "They are literally shocked by the latest jaw-dropping technology."

Global firms such as Apple and Google are said to be among the partners.

The stepped battery, which stacks two batteries on top of another, started to be rolled out from the chemical firm's assembly lines in Nanjing, China in July, and is currently powering LG Electronics' flagship smartphone G2 sold outside Korea.

The design of the battery enables smartphones to make the most of the space within the devices by filling up so-called "dead space." The technology also increases the battery life.

LG Chem plans to launch a stepped battery model that combines several batteries into one, depending on customer needs.

The curved battery will facilitate products such as curved-screen smart phones and watches.

The company has the exclusive patent for the technology that reduces physical stress when creating curved battery packs.

The mass production of curved batteries has been started this month and the batteries will power LG's next smartphone lineup, which is expected to be released in November.

Cable batteries are designed for bendable or wearable gadgets, and can even be tied into a knot.

Moreover, the waterproof features of the battery allow it to be used in wearable gadgets ranging from necklaces to smart watches, according to the firm.

The Korean chemical firm will be participating at the InterBattery 2013, which will be held at Coex in Seoul from Oct. 16 and display the new batteries and related products in a private zone.