Aromatherapy in Singapore: Fragrances & where to buy essential oils and scented candles

Aromatherapy in Singapore: Fragrances & where to buy essential oils and scented candles
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Everyone has scents that do wonders for their mood, like the aroma of coffee in the morning to perk you up. But the true power of smell goes beyond that –  aromatherapy is an age-old technique that aids in relieving stress and promoting healing effects on the mind.

We’ve sussed out the different benefits of popular fragrances and our favourite places to shop at for essential oils and scented candles.

A guide to key fragrances

1. Lavender

A timeless favourite, the subtle floral scent of lavender is said to improve cognitive performance and alleviate headaches. Often associated with feelings of contentment, it can also be used as a mild sedative that can relieve stress and anxiety by calming the nervous system and lull one to sleep.

2. Rosemary

Need a breather during the work day? Rosemary has the ability to reduce cortisol levels, making it perfect for de-stressing before going back to the grind. A powerful, refreshing scent, it also possesses brain-stimulating properties and is a great aid for memory improvement.

3. Peppermint

A mentally clarifying fragrance that increases alertness and information retention, peppermint also aids in getting rid of headaches and treating coughs and colds.

Plus, its scent is great in curbing cravings, so the next time you feel like going off your diet, let the invigorating smell of menthol guide you back.

4. Lemon

Citrus scents are great energy boosters that invigorates the senses and improves concentration. The vitamin C and antioxidant properties in these cheery yellow fruits calm the muscles of your throat, helping you to breathe a lot easier.

With its antidepressant and anti-stress effects, it can be used as a natural analgesic.

5. Rose

This romantic flower’s velvety fragrance stimulates the brain to release endorphins that helps in easing pain, especially for patients after surgery.

It also encourages the release of dopamine that helps with treatment of depression, and studies have shown that rose oil increases libido, as well as enhances sperm and testosterone production.

6. Eucalyptus

Native to Australia, eucalyptus does wonders for folks with sinus. If you happen to have a cough but nothing seems to be coming up, the aroma of this minty, pine-like scent helps in clearing the mucus off your chest. A whiff of it also boosts the immune system, with its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties.

7. Cassia

Warm up on rainy days and chilly nights with the spicy-sweet notes of cassia – a fantastic ingredient in uplifting moods, driving away nausea and fighting germs (especially during flu season). Other benefits of cassia include boosting one’s immune system.

8. Tea Tree

The invigorating aroma of tea tree oil is like the scent of a summer rainstorm and perfect solution for countering stale odours and airborne bacteria with its purifying properties. It is also great for relieving insomnia, congestion, and reducing anxiety.

Where to buy aromatherapy essentials in Singapore

1. Hysses


Meaning ‘arts from the village’, HYSSES brings the best of nature’s treasures to the table. Their Remedies Collection pairs fragrances to create combinations that best suit your needs, such as the cooling duo of eucalyptus and rosemary in Remedies, Cold & Flu ($25.90, 10ml).

Beautify your home with their Moulin Joli Diffuser ($95.90) that comes in delicate designs of flowers and butterflies.

Hysses has multiple outlets around Singapore. For more information on locations and opening hours, visit their website here .

2. Nila Aromatherapy Bar


Homegrown aromatherapy brand Nila carries an assortment of essential oils made with pure, natural ingredients.

Their signature blends of warm fragrances features the likes of Blessings ($48, 10ml) that contain sweet orange and cinnamon and the infant-friendly Nila Baby Breathe Easy ($38, 15ml). You can even create your own signature scent with their bespoke fragrance services.

Nila is located at 1 Scotts Road, #03-25, Shaw Centre, Singapore 228208, p. +65 6737 7822. Open daily 11am-8.30pm.

3. Mmerci Encore


Mmerci Encore looks to the little luxuries in life to feel good, such as their pure, therapeutic grade essential oils sourced fresh from around the world.

Get romantic with luscious roll-on perfume Glow Elixir ($39), a passionate blend of blood orange, bergamot and rose geranium inspired by first love, or get your fill of beauty sleep with the lavender-scented Nightshade Sleep Blend ($42).

Shop Mmerci Enmore here .

4. My Pure Earth


My Pure Earth takes great pride in being a direct-to-consumer line that delivers high-quality and sustainably sourced essential oils.

Choose from over 30 single-scented oils that includes Bulgarian Rose and Siberian Pine, as well as six blends in their signature line, of which our favourite has to be the Dreamtime Essential Oil Blend ($34) and its infusion of bergamot, lavender and sweet orange.

Their Bottle Take Back Program knocks a dollar off your next essential oil purchase upon returning an empty bottle to their collection location at The Social Space.

Shop My Pure Earth here .

5. Candles of Light


Handmade in small batches and handcrafted by regional artisans, Candles of Lights is the place to go for pure soy and beeswax candles. Their products harnesses botanical scents in eight scent ranges inspired by different times of the day.

A soft Dawn is evoked with lavender, mint and citrus, while Dusk gets spicy in an aromatic blend of geranium and patchouli.

Midnight seduces with the intoxicating scents of jasmine, as well as earthy hints of vetiver and smoke.

Candles of Light has products available at multiple locations around Singapore. For more information, visit their Facebook page here .

6. Hush Candle


This local boutique studio presents artisanal soy wax candles in classic monochromatic packaging without chemical or synthetics. Each batch is hand-poured, crafted in small quantities and scented with therapeutic essential oils.

There’s Lavender ($18) for a blissful night’s sleep, a summery Lemongrass Rosemary ($18) that’s great for chasing mozzies away, and a limited edition Cinnamon Nutmeg ($20) that will have you feeling all warm and toasty.

Hush Candle has products available at multiple locations around Singapore. For more information, visit their Facebook page here .

7. Sally’s Room


Sally’s Room is a treasure trove if you’re hunting down more handmade soy wax candles. Both Mini Soy ($15, 80g) and Medium Soy (from $30, 180g) come in minimalistic white packaging with a rose-gold lid.

Immerse yourself in the woody notes of Scandinavian Woodlands, greet spring with sweet floral scents like Bed of Roses and Blackcurrant or get fresh with Peppermint Herb. Their candle-making workshops are just as fun as their fragrances!

Sally’s Room is located at 4 Everton Park, #01-44, Singapore 080004, p. +65 6221 7883. Opening hours vary, drop them a call for more information.

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