Best places to celebrate fall in Taiwan

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Taiwan boasts a huge variety of plants that blossom all year long due to its tropical climate, especially fall which features a wide range of colours, including red, brown, ochre, green and more.

If you have a chance to travel around this season, here are some must-see destinations to discover the beauty of fall. In addition to maple leaves that turn yellow and red around this period of the year, silver grass and florist's daisy are worth the trip too. In this chilly season, the colour of Taiwan is remarkable.

Silver grass blossom is another highlight of the season in northern Taiwan. If you are longing for a romantic walk among nature, the Caoling Historic Trail, located at the junction of New Taipei City's Gongliao District and Yilan's Toucheng Township, is a must. It is also a historic trail built during the Qing dynasty.

It's called "Caoling" — which means a grass hill — because it only features silver grass, no trees. In fall, many people like to go hiking in the silver grass field and immerse themselves in nature.

You can also view silver grass blossom at Datun Nature Park in Yamingsan National Park, one of the most popular spots in northern Taiwan.

Also, Miaoli's Tongluo Township Jiuhu village is known for its florist's daisy or chrysanthemum. Each November, the white flower blossoms and covers huge fields just like snow. The florist's daisy is not only a visual highlight, but also a key ingredient for herbal tea.

The plant is grown in spring and harvested from late November to early December, meaning that the blossom season lasts for less than three weeks.

Between November and December, there are also many places where you can view maple leaves' iconic red colour.

Besides the famous Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area located in Nantou, Shihmen Reservoir in Taoyuan is the perfect place to see this magical colour change. The maple leaves in Taiping Mt. National Forest Recreation Area in Yilan are equally stunning.

Last but not least, Taichung's Sea Flowers in Xinshe is an annual event that attracts thousands of tourists. As wild as 50 hectares, the spacious land is planted with cosmos, sunflower, and flowers.

Along with a farmers market, the festival is not only for flower viewing but also for tasting Taichung local cuisine. The time of the festival is slightly different every year. This year, it will run from Nov. 9 to Dec. 1.

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