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The cool bag and shoe brand that should be on your radar now

The cool bag and shoe brand that should be on your radar now
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Founder Vanissa Antonious had very specific ideas in mind when she launched Neous: "First and foremost, it had to have a unique design sensibility, I didn't want to launch something that already existed. Secondly, it needed to be versatile and timeless."

Before she started her label, Vanissa cut her teeth as a fashion stylist at fashion magazines in London and Australia.

It was then that she realised how women's shoes and bags were mostly "thin stilettos and overly feminine", making it tough for women to wear on an everyday basis.

This led her to establish Neous in 2017. "I was passionate about creating footwear and handbags with a minimalist aesthetic, yet extremely wearable."

Below, Vanissa shares with us more on how the pandemic has impacted her business, her future plans for Neous and what keeps her inspired.

Inspiration comes from everywhere


The London-based Vanissa draws inspiration from varied sources: "Sometimes, it's something I see in a film, on the walk home or a piece of clothing.

"I'm inspired by very fluid and organic objects, but also abstract and obscure items. Everything I see becomes a pair of heels or a handbag."

Uniquely shaped for a lasting impression


Founder Vanissa Antonious is inspired by fluid, organic shapes, as seen in this Jupiter large calf leather shoulder bag, $851.

Gorgeous designs without hefty price tags


According to Vanissa, quality and affordability are two key considerations.

"Coming from a luxury magazine background, I wanted to ensure that we could offer a very special product and an [accessible] designer price point," she explains.

Weathering through the pandemic


While the pandemic has been hard on businesses, it brought a silver lining to Neous.

"In a way, it made us evolve more quickly than if things had stayed the same," she shares.

"It meant expanding our offerings to ensure that all our customers were covered in all elements of life. While some were still wearing heels and evening bags, others were in comfort flats and cross-body bags."

Get ready for the excitement ahead

[embed][/embed]With each new collection, Vanissa explores new technology to help better her products.

For the upcoming Fall/Winter 2022 collection, she plans to incorporate new and more sustainable materials.

Fruit and vegetable leathers next?


"We have a large focus on researching new materials that have less of an impact on the environment," she reveals.

"We still believe leather is the best material we can use, as it's a by-product from other industries and has great durability.

"However, we are investigating genuine fruit and vegetable leathers, but it is a long process to understand how they will wear over time."

From $616, at

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This article was first published in Her World Online.

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