Currying trouble: US influencer tries McDonald's curry sauce for first time, slams it as 'too fake'

Currying trouble: US influencer tries McDonald's curry sauce for first time, slams it as 'too fake'
PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/Karissaeats

A meal at McDonald's doesn't feel complete without curry sauce drizzled over whatever you're eating.

American influencer Karissa Dumbacher recently enjoyed a McDonald's meal in Singapore, but one specific menu item was not to her liking — the curry sauce.

It's part of the quintessential McDonald's Singapore experience and local netizens were bewildered that she wasn't a fan of the moreish condiment.

On Wednesday (March 22), Karissa shared a 71-second clip on TikTok of her reviewing the various menu items she ordered.


The US influencer got herself a box of Chicken McCrispy to pair with some curry sauce.

Rookie mistake? Surely, curry sauce has to be eaten with nuggets.

While the chicken hit the spot, Karissa was not feeling the curry sauce at all, claiming it was "too fake tasting" and "super sweet".

She also seemed disappointed at the apparent lack of curry flavour and rated it a five out of 10.

Thankfully for her, the rest of the meal was enjoyable as she munched through the Double McSpicy and McShaker Fries while downing a caramel Oreo Frappe.

Karissa gave a shoutout to the Double McSpicy, a burger her followers have been asking her to try. She loved the spiciness and felt that the burger "definitely lives up to the hype".

Despite the mostly positive reviews, some Singaporeans weren't letting go of her honest opinion about the nation's beloved curry sauce.

In the comments section, local netizens simply couldn't fathom how someone did not love it.

"Ouch, curry sauce is everyone's favourite sauce in Singapore," one TikTok user said.

It got to a point where Karissa felt the need to respond and apologise for being so honest in reviewing the condiment.

To be fair, this could just be a case of the curry sauce being made specifically for local tastebuds.

Back in 2018, YouTube channel BuzzFeedVideo released a video of Annie Jeong and Steven Lim trying McDonald's Singapore for the first time.

Similar to Karissa, they enjoyed a host of other menu items but the curry sauce was simply a no-go.

Annie admitted that it wouldn't be her sauce of choice, while Steven found that it had an "interesting aftertaste".

Oh well, there's no real need to convince others. Their dislike for curry sauce just means more for us, right?

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