Get your fizz on with these 8 locally-brewed kombucha brands

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Move over, sourdough. There’s a new fermented darling in town. Kombucha – an effervescent, sweet-sour, tea-based drink that is said to have originated in China many millennia ago – has been steadily gaining traction in Singapore over the past few years.

There’s also been a recent mushrooming of home-based brewers since last year’s circuit breaker period, and the trend shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.

Besides being a thoroughly refreshing beverage to guzzle on a hot day, it’s also chock-full with antioxidants and probiotics that may help to improve your digestive health. Here are some of our favourite local labels that are brewing the funky drink in various exciting ways.

Moon Juice Kombucha

From the design and branding to the names of individual flavours, everything at this recently launched kombucha operation is colourful, cosmic and fun. And get this: they even brew their kombucha according to the cycles of the moon.

Flavours like the Green Goblin (green apple and cucumber), Love Potion (raspberry rose) and Moon Pie (passionfruit) are infused with juices and homemade syrups made from herbs, flowers and fruits. They’ll even throw in a free gift in the form of neon jelly bag with every eight bottles purchased.

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Nami Kombucha

This popular year-old outfit crafts it kombucha with organic black tea, as well as fresh fruits and aromatic herbs. The menu features a range of creative flavours that you won’t get from your average supermarket brand.

Those who want a floral and fresh beverage can make a beeline for the Chrysanthemum Honey, which pumps up the sweetness with the addition of high-quality manuka honey. The Pear Basil option is also a treat.

Jun Kombucha

If you prefer to hold the carbonation, you can get your kombucha supply from Jun Kombucha. The home-brewing operation designs its drinks to be big on taste, but low on fizz.

Fruit infusions take centre stage, and they commit to only using seasonal produce to ensure that their products are packed with fresh and high-quality ingredients. Currently on deck are the fragrant Pomegranate Rose, as well as the zesty Grape Hibiscus – which was inspired by the owner’s love of wine.

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Made with hand-picked, organically grown loose-leaf teas from the high mountains and fresh fruits, Pourabucha’s emphasis on quality is evident in their brews. Their beverages achieve the perfect level of fizz and flavour, without being too bracing on the palate.

We love the One in a Melon, which is made with a biodynamic high-mountain Darjeeling tea base and refreshing watermelon pulp. Those who want a more interesting concoction can go for the Grown-Up Cola that features their in-house cola recipe.

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Boochy Calls

This home-brewing operation uses fresh fruits to flavour its kombucha, which it rolls out in limited quantities through weekly drops.

Popular offerings include the fragrant Lychee Mint, which is reminiscent of a non-alcoholic version of the lychee martini; the tart and juicy Orange Peel; and the tummy-friendly Lemon Ginger. Be sure to slurp up the tiny bits of fruit that you’ll find at the bottom of your bottle.


Drink so much kombucha that you need to start ordering it in bulk? Fizzicle – one of the earlier purveyors on the scene – has got you covered. Simply visit their website to build your own box of 12 bottles.

You can choose from a wide range of options – including Salted Lemonade and Hibiscus – and they offer free doorstep delivery. Besides the OG kombucha, which uses a sugar-based fermentation method, Fizzicle also offers junboocha, which swaps out the usual sugar for honey and yields a richer and more complex taste. 

Find out more here.


Rather than stick to standard plain black tea, Komboochy makes its beverages with an assortment of bases such as earl grey tea, oolong tea and green tea.

Those who want a local twist can sample the delicious Sour Plum recipe, which features a medley of sweet, sour, smoky and salty notes; or the sweet and tangy Tangerine Chrysanthemum. They also have a number of low-sugar and low-carb selections for people with dietary restrictions.

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The Good Kombucha

The Good Kombucha was founded by a pair of close friends who wanted to do their part to promote health and wellness in the local community. Whether you prefer fragrant tea-forward infusions or zesty fruit flavours, you’ll find something to suit your taste buds.

And if you can’t make up your mind and want to try it all, you can order a hamper of their four best-selling flavours (Mixed Berries & Mint, Passionfruit, Pear & Green Tea and Lychee & Oolong Tea) at a special discounted price.

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This article was first published in The Singapore Women's Weekly.