House tour: A modern luxe apartment with a 4.27m-high ceiling at Faber Walk

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Homeowners Jeremy Tan and Theresa Ng wanted a modern luxe concept, but were very adamant that it does not end up being over-the-top.

Carmen Tang of Wolf Woof shares this belief. "Many people have the misconception that modern luxe can only be achieved in bigger apartments.

Luxe also does not necessarily involve opulent, gaudy and 'bling' designs. Luxe can be understated while still oozing elegance and charm," she says.

PHOTO: Home & Decor

The 4.27 metre-high ceiling of this ground floor unit presented the perfect opportunity for Carmen to increase storage space by adding two lofts - one above the dining area and another in the master bedroom, along with various additional storage and wardrobe provisions.  

The platform over the dining area feels like a mezzanine and this serves as a very private chillout area overlooking the living room, with storage cabinets lined up along one wall.

PHOTO: Home & Decor

A cosy reading nook is tucked away on the loft, offering both sanctuary and a vantage point.

PHOTO: Home & Decor

To achieve a luxe look without the hefty price tag, Carmen selected an appropriate palette of materials, textures and colours to convey an elegant chic style.

This area below the master bedroom loft can be easily converted to a walk-in wardrobe in the future.

PHOTO: Home & Decor

Metallic accents take the decor up a notch and become the focal point of a neutral bedroom.

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