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How this millennial couple got their dream BTO flat with a sea view

How this millennial couple got their dream BTO flat with a sea view
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Kel and Nat, both 28, have always wanted to have a home together in the East. Kel has been living in the East all her life, while Nat, having previously lived there with his family for a while, really loved the sea breeze and vibe of the East Coast.

So when an HDB BTO project named Bedok South Horizon was launched in the area five years ago, they applied for it without hesitation. This was even when they had just started working.

"It was quite a straightforward decision. We saw the development coming up and decided to participate in the ballot," Kel shares with us.

"I guess we were really lucky in the sense that we got the exact unit we envisioned."

BTO flat with a sea view

Homes along the East Coast are mostly private. While there's a sizable number of resale HDB flats there , most of them were built in the 1970s and 1980s.

Hence the appeal of the Bedok South Horizon BTO, which is located around 1km from East Coast Park. On top of that, the upcoming Bedok South MRT on the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) will be right next to it. The development also makes for a perfect home for foodies, with Katong just a 10-minute drive away.

So it's not surprising to find that the November 2016 BTO project was oversubscribed within just a day of the launch. It's currently the only BTO in the area.

For Kel and Nat, one of the main draws of the project was the sea view. And luckily for them, they got what they wanted. Not only did they manage to get a queue number, but they also secured a four-room flat with a sea view. The 93 sqm flat cost them S$464,000.

"We love that our entire unit faces the sea. It is also very quiet and airy."

Living room
The living room comes with a view of the sea. PHOTO: Kel
TV console
Here's a better look of the sea view that Kel and Nat enjoy from their four-room BTO flat. PHOTO: Kel

But the sea view wasn't the only thing that attracted them to the Bedok South Horizon project. The neighbourhood was a major aspect of their decision to take part in the ballot and set up a home there as well. The development ticked all the right boxes for them.

"We wanted to stay in a quiet, serene area, away from the hustle and bustle of the world," Kel tells us.

"Even though my development is technically in the Bedok region, we are actually nearer to Tanah Merah and just off the East Coast Road."

At the same time, the couple finds the area very convenient, with the project located near the East Coast Parkway (ECP), and the CBD just a 20-minute drive away.

From Pinterest board to sourcing all the fittings to build the perfect home

One of the first steps Kel took to realise her dream home was to start looking for inspirations on Pinterest, which she ended up with more than 1,000 pins of homes and rooms.

The bedroom comes with a sea view as well! PHOTO: Kel

On top of having a Pinterest board, she also watched lots of Youtube videos to learn tips and tricks on home decor and renovations. The planning stage culminated with a mood board for every area of the house.

Kel had come up with a mood board for every area of the house, including the bathroom. PHOTO: Kel

After Kel and Nat collected their keys and it was time for renovation, the couple started working closely together with the interior designer they engaged.

"I guess I had very exact ideas and wanted them to be executed to perfection."

For instance, to fully realise their dream home, Kel had sourced for all the fittings herself instead of leaving it to the interior designer.

Nevertheless, she found that the interior designer was helpful in managing the renovation, as well as the contractors.

"It was also helpful to have a second opinion on some of my ideas."

Kitchen and dining area
Kel and Nat's open concept kitchen and dining area. PHOTO: Kel

A tip for first-time homeowners: Love the neighbourhood

One of the reasons why Kel and Nat had applied for Bedok South Horizon right away was that they love the neighbourhood. It helped that they know the area very well as well.

So when asked for any advice for prospective homeowners, Kel says, "You have to really love the neighbourhood before committing to buying a property!"

And it looks like their sea-facing BTO flat has cemented their love for waterfront living as well. Looking ahead for the next step in their home-buying journey, all Kel and Nat want is to continue living near the sea.

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