Indomie-inspired Air Jordans sold out in two days

Indonesian netizens are still buzzing about the Indomie Goreng-themed sneakers designed and created by 23-year-old Jonathan "Jonas" Gustana.

After it was announced on June 16 that 20 pairs of Jordan 1 Indomie Customs would be available to the public, they reportedly sold out in just two days.

"Thank you for your participation. For those who were not fortunate or fast enough to secure these shoes, don't worry. We will continue to make unique designs only for you. Stay here, you won't regret it," Jonas wrote on his Instagram account Mr. Simple Custom, @mr.s.custom, as reported by

The sneakers are priced at Rp. 3.3 million (S$316), which includes the price of the original shoes, listed as Rp 1.649 million on the official Indonesian Nike website.

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Nike meets Indomie in fan-made Air Jordan design

Interested buyers can also have their own shoes custom designed according to the Indomie theme, so they wouldn't have to purchase a new pair of Air Jordans.

"Any shoes/jackets/items that you want to customise can be from you or from us. If it comes from you, send the items to my address. If it is from us, we will find the appropriate size," read a clarification on the Instagram account.

However, seeing the high demand for his Jordan 1 Indomie Customs, Jonas will reportedly offer them again in the future, but only five pairs will be made available.